Holland Farm v 4.0

Holland-Farm-v-4.0-1 Holland-Farm-v-4.0-2 Holland-Farm-v-4.0-3

– Biogas
– A large village with new construction
– Small village
– Traffic
– Pedestrians
– A Power compagny where you can sell your crops and bales
– 2 Pig stables
– 1 Farm
– Cow zone
– Sheep zone with wool collector
– Lidll where you can sell your Wool, Egs, Pigs
– Storage for your Crops, Carrots, Onions, Straw, Grass
– Machine shop
– Country trade
– Milk fatory
– Greenhouses in there you can sow and harvest, there is also a point to get water
– Nice surroundings and details

Authors: Mike, Fatian, Marhu, Manuel, Eifok Team, ie53i, Pfreek, Keiner


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