Hofs v 2.0

Hofs-v-2.0-1 Hofs-v-2.0-3 Hofs-v-2.0-2

– New grain silo
– Another bunker silo on the farm
– Fitted PDA
– Other cowshed
– New BGA Textures
– Added 2 BGA
– Airport for Cessna 172
– Larger village
– Landscape
– Sand with country trade is gone
– Other grass texture
– New Store
– Viewing platforms
– Other standard vehicles
– More 3D trees
– Animals in the forest (wild boar, deer, rabbits, foxes, wolves)
– Tree trunks for from transports
– Forest

Authors: Klaner, Framer_Jonschen, Manuuuu, Nich98.1, epic_pryda, X_Meyer_X, Raptor


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