Hagenstedt XXL without Wither v 2.1

Hagenstedt-XXL-without-Wither-v-2.1-1 Hagenstedt-XXL-without-Wither-v-2.1-2 Hagenstedt-XXL-without-Wither-v-2.1-3

– The withering / rotting is off
– Fruits: wheat, barley, corn, rape, sugarbeet, potatoes, carrots, onions, sunflowers, rye, dinkel, triticale, oats
– Exchanged XXL barn against Duch driving Hall
– Hall 2 Exchanged counter timbered buildings
– Now Housed fertilizer and seed in a shelter
– Silos telescoped
– Fixed several small graphic errors (including context and taking the threshing spelled)
– Situated environment plan in the yard
– New Launch Vehicles
– Flying Eggs Eliminates
– Farm gates and Hofzaun away

Authors: ZeFir_POLAND, Trixi, BauerBernd, Philippelp, charly_99, Luculus, GE-Mapping, frisco0177, Stonebracker, LPG 7oktober, ieg53i, Marhu, Sigie85, matzesft, majo84, MF 7620, Trekkerbodo, Kirtz Pierre, HatzFan, Kolbenfresser


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