Great Daberkow v 1.1

Great-Daberkow-v-1.1-1 Great-Daberkow-v-1.1-2 Great-Daberkow-v-1.1-3

Changelog v 1.1:
– Built Kalk mod
– Kalk must be bought from the general store
– Goals of the cattle fattening are now open
– Sprinkling of cattle fattening now possible + signs
– Fixed short grass texture
– Fixed Floating Trees
– Mist Plane fixed with pig (dung plate)
– BGA bunker fixed Plane
– Signs Mountains space (courtyard)
– Small adjustments

Authors: Schlucke, Belarus MTS 50 (Butters), TT MODDING


One Response to Great Daberkow v 1.1

  1. flight48 says:

    Fantastic map is the rot off as I play single player again great job
    Thanks flight48

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