Glenmaluren County Wicklow v 1.0 MR

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Nestled in the heart of the Wicklow mountains, Glenmalure is a unique location with small fields and hilly terrain.
A challenge for even the most experienced farmer.
All the basic machinery needed to get you up and running are included, you also have two fully grown fields to harvest straight away along with lots of grass to cut to feed your livestock.
There is plenty to do, from growing and harvesting crops to tending your livestock (Cows, Sheep, Chickens and Pigs) to keeping the local community well stocked with grain, vegetables, wool, milk and pork.
Features include Pig mod, water mod, feed mixing station, night lighting, standard FS2013 crops, multi terrain detail angle, AI traffic, and the More Realistic game engine for an authentic feel.
Milk is collected twice per day from the farmyard or you can deliver it yourself to the dairy.
If you get some free time, you can take a drive around the many mountain lanes and just enjoy the breathtaking views and discover the many hidden areas included in the map.

Authors: Giants, dural, Marhu, NI Modding, Duarn, pwl8600, sandgroper, FarmerYip, petorious, LwFarming, ZeFir_POLAND, ZG team, JauchenPaule, martinbigM500, GE-Mapping, Der Deutz Fahrer, Mukussu, SkyFall, vanillaice83, variofuchs, spider100, Sebbebek, Alex, SCS, _PaPa_, LS-Landtechnik


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