Giants Island v 1.1

Giants-Island-v-1.1-1 Giants-Island-v-1.1-2 Giants-Island-v-1.1-3

– Water mod
– Feed storage
– Withering disabled
– Custom missions and help icons
– Converted from original FS2008 game
– Default fruits, gravel, and trash
– Based around growing wheat
– Small and large fields
– Updated textures
– Isolated island
– Giants Island Tour
– European design
– One farmyard
– A small village
– Sellpoints at port
– Bridge in construction
– 240 arable hectares
– 4 square kilometers land area
– 6 kilomters of coastline
– Several beaches
– Port
– Wool and Eggs
– Machine dealership
– Grains, potatoes, beets, solid manure
– Milk truck staging
– Gravel storage
– Farmyard
– Overhead bin for wheat
– Small barn for all other fruits
– Bunkers for silage, forage, grass, and straw
– Machine shed for equipment
– Chickens by farm driveway
– Cows north of farm
– Sheep roam freely
– Village
– Two chapels
– Three houses
– Two multi story buildings
– Additional egg sellpoint
– Trash collection job

Changelog v 1.1
– Fendt 716 no longer “hovers” above ground
– Animation with the potato and beet is fixed
– Traffic does not jump as bad when exiting the village
– There is now a place to dump unwanted gravel

Authors: Giants, Vallsta, Feterlj, Sandgroper, Golim, John Farmer, Feterlj, NI Modding, Topbauer, Dahemac, Lukas, MDW, Reaper9111, JohnDeereLTR180


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