Fill Type Overlays v 0.3


This script adds overlays (hud icons) for a total of 21 types to the game to fill. The overlays are standardized so that they correspond Giants Standard overlay style.

Included are the following fill types:
– Apple (apple)
– Beef (bovine)
– Carrot (carrot)
– Cherry (cherry)
– Fertilizer (fertilizer)
– Fuel (gasoline / diesel)
– Kohlrabi (turnip greens)
– Liquid Manure (manure)
– Manure (dung)
– Milk (milk)
– Oat (oat)
– Onion (onion)
– Pea (pea)
– Pig (pig)
– Rye (rye)
– Soybean (soybean)
– Spinach (spinach)
– Strawberry (strawberry)
– Sunflower (sunflower)
– Tomato (tomato)
– Water (cheap vodka)

Author: Jakob Tischler


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