Fahr M1000 v 1.1


– Real collisions
– A real scale 1:1
– Realistic driving physics improved
– Moving the axis
– Manual firing
– Handbrake
– New dynamic fumes
– New dynamic particle system
– Light alloy
– Grain in the tank
– Steering mod
– Particle system and the tank
– Folding flaps in the approach
– Manually pull out the tube after approach
– Manually switched rash
– Realistic animation
– Adjustable to any angle
– Animated gearshift
– Animated clutch pedal
– Animated brake pedal
– Animated levers
– Opening / closing door
– Combine and engine vibration at higher speeds
– Moving wheels
– Moving snails
– Smooth transitions, soft start and stop
– Kamrera seated and standing
– Real sounds
– Sound unload
– Manually set up or activated after the chopper approach
– 3D webcam
– Info

Authors: von_D, siudix29, Danielas


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