Driving Silo Extension v 1.0


The mod extends the standard silos, whether installed on Hagenstedt or mod maps to a handful of features. Make the rollers on the silo to his driving and interesting task, which it indeed is in really well. From the standard script extract with small changes a lot

– The individual heap are now compressed separately. It is no longer enough somehow on the silo rumturnen, you really have to work through everything clean.
– The degree of compaction affects the filling level of (uncompressed material has about three times the volume). You can see and so noted compacting.
– The degree of compaction of the current single cluster is also displayed in the Info Box to the overall degree of compaction.
– Chaff removal with shovels / sliding shields is now possible.
– Filling the silo with shovels / sliding shields is now possible.
– Widening out is almost going down to zero.
– If too much uncompacted material on a site is (a part of heap) hinders the densification. How much and how fast depends on the difficulty. (Details as an extra point below).
– Compression speed and maximum Bunker Silo Compaction Scale depend on the difficulty level.
– One can silo at any time provided that cover at least 10 % fill level (standard condition) or 120000 Chaff in it. The latter is intended for mod maps in which large capacity are recorded in the silos. The compression is irrelevant.
– Material can become moldy. Here, each single pile is considered separately, ie it may well be that the silage is well up on the rest behind it. Moldy material can be removed as heck.
– The opening of the silo after the fermentation is done manually. Anyone who wants to can the silo later shut up again
– The stretch silo distributor is specifically supported. If it is turned on and is properly in the material you get a similar equalization how it has previously reached by driving over them in Standardsilo.
– To distribute by pushing blade in addition to the parallel published Shovel Movement Fill mod is highly recommended.

Authors: upsidedown, giants, bullgore, JakobT, Eribus


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