Forest Map v 1.6 Chopped Straw Edition

Forest-Map-v-1.6-Chopped-Straw-Edition-1 Forest-Map-v-1.6-Chopped-Straw-Edition-2 Forest-Map-v-1.6-Chopped-Straw-Edition-3

It offers you 2 farm. On a large farm can breed a cow, and a smaller sheep and chickens. You can sell your crops to a large buying. As Map on each machine trade deal with Agroma. As the name says, in the beautiful landscape contains many forests, lake, old wooden windmill etc
Gates open for the key, the script uploaded to the map, which does not require any additional modules. Added the script so that we can choose the cultivation of the silo (Super Silo ). Here begins the stairs You will have to obtain the Super Silo Trigger. The Map will also Manure mod

Author: ZeFir


Sosnowiec v 3.0


– Polish climate
– Polish economy multifunctional
– Breeding cows
– Chicken farm
– Shop “Agromech”
– Village
– Curiously formed area
– Mod lime
– Mod manure
– 3D Trees
– Dynamic earth texture
– New look Straw
– Mod slurry
– Interesting landscape
– Fields all sizes
– High quality texture
– Buying eggs in the store
– ATM in the store
– Mod chaff (New Version)
– Silo for silage
– Possibility to build a piggery or cielarni
– Electric poles
– Fluffy straw
– All triggers acting
– Purchase of grain

Authors: Michael, Dejve532, johnDER2013


La Mancha Map v 1.0

La-Mancha-Map-v-1.0-1 La-Mancha-Map-v-1.0-2 La-Mancha-Map-v-1.0-3

Map inspirated in the center of Spain, denominate space as La Mancha

Authors: J.Juan, FarmingTv


Agrarfrost v 10.2 MR Soil Mod Edition

Agrarfrost-v-10.2-MR-Soil-Mod-Edition-1 Agrarfrost-v-10.2-MR-Soil-Mod-Edition-2 Agrarfrost-v-10.2-MR-Soil-Mod-Edition-3

– Fermenting Silo
– Agrar Flieger
– Map Silo Band
– Wool Palette Collector
– Pigs
– Water Mod
– Mixing station
– Oberthalbacher country trade rebuild
– Rinder Mast
– Forgotten Plants Realistic Texture
– Slurry manure and Kalk Mod
– Brewery with production
– New Vehicle Shop
– Biogas Plants Pack
– Chain link fence with sliding gate
– Scale with statistics function
– Digital display for silo levels
– Mean machine hall
– Country Trade Rebuild
– Sugar refinery
– Billinger country trade
– Oil extraction plans
– Water fountain station V 1.2
– DDR water tank with water trigger
– Map Hose Ref Station
– Map buyable Object

Author: Tiago P


Nodikowo Small Map

Nodikowo-Small-Map-1 Nodikowo-Small-Map-2 Nodikowo-Small-Map-3

– 1 farm
– Cow
– Chickens
– Small village
– Interesting terrain

Author: Qbex (Szklanka69)


Panstwowe Gospodars Rolne Map v 1.0

Panstwowe-Gospodars-Rolne-Map-v-1.0-1 Panstwowe-Gospodars-Rolne-Map-v-1.0-2 Panstwowe-Gospodars-Rolne-Map-v-1.0-3

– PGR Rowskie farm
– Average Fields
– Chaff mod
– Manure and slurry mod
– Lime mod
– Weeds
– Breeding cows
– Major crops + alfalfa and limb (which may be used as poplon)
– Varied terrain
– Dumping of grain, maize and rape to the threshing floor
– Exports of manure in the field
– New textures
– New silo for corn

Authors: MafiaSolec, Stuntman, miki1998575, AgroTechPL, Bronczek1, MrAdamo15