Helmets Reservoir v 2.0

Helmets-Reservoir-v-2.0-1 Helmets-Reservoir-v-2.0-2 Helmets-Reservoir-v-2.0-3

– Start vehicles
– 8 small and medium sized fields
– Land Commercial
– Only cows
– Various new plants to grow (Multifruit)
– Fields you need to buy
– All points of purchase are at the Machine Shop
– City, Church
– Good for low poly Pc’s Optimization is good
– Small BGA
– Gravel roads, traffic signs
– Interesting textures

Author: Battle414


Baie Du Mont St Michel 2013 FINAL

Baie-Du-Mont-St-Michel-2013-FINAL-1 Baie-Du-Mont-St-Michel-2013-FINAL-2 Baie-Du-Mont-St-Michel-2013-FINAL-3

The bay of Mont Saint Michel and the Mont Saint Michel1 is a bay located between Brittany (to the southwest) and the Norman Cotentin Peninsula (east) in the Gulf Normandy and Brittany, the Bay belongs to the club of the most beautiful bays in the world and is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 the very large tidal range in the region (more than ten meters) allows much of the bay to be exposed at low tide

Authors: TFSGROUP, zorlac, pierrick-modding


MIG Map Made In Germany Celle Region v 0.89 BETA

MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.89-BETA-1 MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.89-BETA-2 MIG-Map-Made-In-Germany-Celle-Region-v-0.89-BETA-3

Changelog v 0.89 BETA:
– MR ready
– Forst Mod ready
– Herbicide Mod ready
– Soil Mod ready – growth time 5 days per stage
– Forest Building & texture temporarily installed at BGA
– Grass swath set slightly higher
– Updated Beiligende Mods in Pack

Author: Bullgore


Forest Map v 2.1

Forest-Map-v-2.1-1 Forest-Map-v-2.1-2 Forest-Map-v-2.1-3

– 1 large farm
– Village with pedestrian traffic
– Traffic
– 2 biogas plants
– Chickens, sheep, cows
– Net shop
– Mod lime and manure
– Mod of pigs
– Stations with trains running train and ramps
– Cultivation loaded aurochs (lime also)
– 3 buying crop (2 trains at the station and one in the village)
– The place of the forest and on buildings to Forest fashion
– New plants and textures
– Road signs
– Gates and doors opening to the key
– Hilly terrain
– Orlen petrol station
– A large machine shop
– Seed shop and dairies
– Children budowalny
– Pitch soccer ball

New in 2.1 version:
– Added chaff mod
– Better liquidity maps
– New, better PDA
– Fixed icons in PDA
– New textures
– Removed plant Randgrass

Authors: Marshmallow, Mr818vario


Hambach Mine v 2.0

Hambach-Mine-v-2.0-1 Hambach-Mine-v-2.0-2 Hambach-Mine-v-2.0-3

Welcome to the Hambach opencast coal of coal lying in Cologne tagebau hambach one of the largest on earth here you can sand sowol also reduce carbon and the trigger so beliefer

Author: Kaelbleking


Bantikow Reloaded 2014 v 2.0

Bantikow-Reloaded-2014-v-2.0-1 Bantikow-Reloaded-2014-v-2.0-2 Bantikow-Reloaded-2014-v-2.0-3

– Slurry, manure and lime mod
– Watermod
– Pig
– Fertilizer, Kalklager
– Map Door Trigger
– Scale
– Kaufbares seed, fertilizer and lime
– New silo at the biogas plant
– New point of sale potato trade
– New dairy plant
– Rotting and field purchase from
– Butcher in the village

Authors: TLS-Modding, Tommi-1, Andi Scania, Moppel, Agrar Service Möller