Triple Farming Map v 2.1

Triple-Farming-Map-v-2.1-1 Triple-Farming-Map-v-2.1-2 Triple-Farming-Map-v-2.1-3

- Water point at the stockyards and inserted in the gravel pit
- Wash bay at the main and Stockyards inserted
- In addition to the brewery, the box was removed and instead an interim storage facility for all fruits, as well as for the production of goods (beer, canned food, bread, concrete and apples) inserted
- The roads are a little further away from the terrain
- New PDA Map
- 6 are in some trees in the fields, the Colli was removed because the carer

On the map there are five productions:
- Bakery: wheat, barley, sunflowers and water brings back one, rolls do you get the sale
- Canning: water, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots brings you down, you get canned vegetables
- Concrete Factory: sand, gravel and water brings you out concrete slabs are brought to the site
- Apple orchard: crap, water and manure carry you sell apples on the various outlets
- Brewery: barley, hops (available from Lanhandel) hinbringen and water to get beer

Authors: Farmerahner, Ganelcer, SLJ-AGRAR, Kolbenfresser, Desperados93, TMT-Team, Marhu, Alex2009, marjas31, Blacky_BPG, Marhu, Bluebaby210


Hagenstedt Dude Style v 1.6

Hagenstedt-Dude-Style-v-1.6-1 Hagenstedt-Dude-Style-v-1.6-2 Hagenstedt-Dude-Style-v-1.6-3

It’s a big farm that has gone bankrupt and you just managed to pick it up for a very reasonable price. There is some equipment left by the original owner and you still own 3 fields but the place still needs a lot of time and investment.

Authors: Giants, Michi, Marhu, TMT, Blacky_BPG, Alex2009, grafik-edv


Papenburger Map v 2.1

Papenburger-Map-v-2.1-1 Papenburger-Map-v-2.1-2 Papenburger-Map-v-2.1-3

- Map script with standard fruit + kalk, fertilizers and multi Farm
- Liquid manure, kalk, manure mod
- 54 fields all helpers and courseplay justice applied
- Outbuildings : Raiffeisen, Raiffeisen market, pub, port, railway station, butchers, dairy garden centers
- Two courtyards : the main courtyard designed for cattle with milk, sheep and cattle
- Designed for agriculture 2nd courtyard but has also over cattle. Corn Exchange, beet and potato storage and 1 grass and corn silo
- 1 Large BGA with 2 silos procrastinate + 1 fahrsilo
- Kalk and fertilizers can be retrieved at Raiffeisen
- Many silos with large capacity
- Contractors with Large hall for maneuvering including light after 22 clock
- Dirt roads with Colision
- Liquid manure sale, liquid manure storage, manure storage
- All permanent grasslands have a grass scar
- Wheat and barley can be in the first two stages of maturity green chop withered only in the last stage
- Rape can chop green / blooming in the first Reifestumsstufe

Authors: Jimkerk, Fatian, Tessman85, Patii, Ni Modding, 818Vario, Kyosho, DeutzDx85, Manuel, Bluebaby210, Marhu


Terreno Map v 1.0

Terreno-Map-v-1.0-1 Terreno-Map-v-1.0-2 Terreno-Map-v-1.0-3

- Campus in the hills and plains
- Two warehouses for the sale of cereals
- Small Country
- Company with cows, sheep and chickens
- Height corn Italian

Author: Giovanni CNH


Andres Big Map v 1.4

Andres-Big-Map-v-1.4-1 Andres-Big-Map-v-1.4-2 Andres-Big-Map-v-1.4-3

- 4 courtyards, one main court. A vegetables yard only for the fruits of the earth, a plantation only for apple, pear, plum, coffee and cherry and a large animal farm with fattening animals, such as pigs, cattle, breeding sheep, geese, rabbits and horses
- In the main courtyard there is a fruit warehouse, a gas station and a diesel and biodiesel stock
- A camp for seed and fertilizer is also available. Diesel you get the land trade, where to change the prices. Diesel you get even with the rape refinery as must leave her rape and then gets after some time diesel. In the tank on the farm fit 54000 Liter
- On the vegetables yard there is also a gas station as in the central courtyard, a camp for all root crops, such as potatoes, sugarbeets, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, white and red cabbage
- All root crops be seeded as potatoes
- On the plantation you will find a small camp and a shelter
- On the animal farm, there is a feed store and a large feed mixing plant
- The fattening animals get all grain feed – concentrate gets her since give off compound feed in the feed mill where her
- Road network rebuilt with a highway
- Sewage treatment plant : takes manure and water are
- Spinnery : Records are breeding sheep and wool ( Can be sold at the harbor )
- Biodiesel fabrik : assert diesel from the rape refinery and biodiesel are out again (can then be sold at the tanker at the port)
- Everything fattening animals can be sold at slaughter

Authors: A-G-S Team, Bigblue, Herbert61, Marhu, Blacky_BPG, BernieSCS


The Old Country v 2.0 BETA

The-Old-Country-v-2.0-BETA-1 The-Old-Country-v-2.0-BETA-2 The-Old-Country-v-2.0-BETA-3

New in v 2.0 BETA version:
- New BGA, distributors, main courtyard
- Two new villages
- Completed motorway
- New Details
- Alfalfa, clover, triticale and Sudan Grass
- Multifarm mod
- Watermod
- Area for placeable objects
- Fixed bug with eggs
- Troubleshooting
- Small details etc.
- Railway
- New Dealer
- Silos for new fruits

Authors: Katsuo, mailman, martinBig500, Fatian, wingi, eifoik-team, Busensvenne, timber131, SLJ-AGRAR, maser789, FrankWienberg[GER], Enercon, LS-Landtechnik, TheAgraama, TracMax, Tobi89, Weltbauer, Manu ya, freak36558, Bluebaby210, Nick98.1, Eribus, TheModdingMonster