Gaec du Montceau v 3.1

Gaec-du-Montceau-v-3.1-1 Gaec-du-Montceau-v-3.1-2 Gaec-du-Montceau-v-3.1-3

This Map is a modified version of “Belgium pronfonde V2″
In Map added: sunflower, beef, building storage, road and many others

Author: Cyril et Fred


Porta Westfalica v 5.0

Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-1 Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-2 Porta-Westfalica-v-5.0-3

Porta Westfalica Map with beautiful landscape and many details: hills, mountains, river, canal, meadows and fields with villages and hamlets in between form the framework.

Author: GMCW


Vojvodina Special v 3.1

Vojvodina-Special-v-3.1-1 Vojvodina-Special-v-3.1-2 Vojvodina-Special-v-3.1-3

Beautiful and intelligent Map. Huge set all around, there is no feeling that what is going steppe. The city center is made in the style of the palace, a beautiful building in a great cafe plays Muzychko, churches, triumphal arch, colonnade, Alexander Column, a park near the center, holiday village on the outskirts of the rich area with steep cottages, cemetery, mountain pass with a drive through the cave in rock, different bridges, medieval ruined castle, selling high-quality design of greenhouses complexes, luxury woods, hills, uneven shoulders, the various sounds of nature, conducted kilometers of gas pipes and lamp wires, traffic lights, fueling Real Lukoil, Rosneft (no filling of red drum), Light lanterns, advertising and windows at night, and even more.
Culture and Animals: standard + sunflower, soybean, animated pigs, calves.
Built warehouse for the purchase of sugar, condensed milk, beer, canned food, oils, biscuits, flour (For factories capacity is limited)

Authors: stasenko100, Serbian modding team, Team 6, igor29381, VAHHOB022, Werik


Paxton United v 1.5

Paxton-United-v-1.5-1 Paxton-United-v-1.5-2 Paxton-United-v-1.5-3

On the Map is developed village, all the animals, traffic cars, small BGA and all the triggers

Authors: ExtremeBB, JDFan, Pautrax


Oberthal Bach v 3.0

Oberthal-Bach-v-3.0-1 Oberthal-Bach-v-3.0-2 Oberthal-Bach-v-3.0-3

New in 3.0 version:
– Added Chopped Straw
– Third courtyard (small Nebenhof) with additional fields and meadows
– Horseback riding (without active management)
– Recreation / lake area with ways of Selling (eggs, apples, potatoes, milk)
– At the courts 1 and 2 a new clamp removed and placed before a fermenting Silo
– Trigger in Vehicle shop for cost simulation
– Wither / rot is turned off
– Exchanged against Reko train
– Dealers buying and selling, small changes
– Various feeding grounds corrected (Fill with Frontloader)
– Forest
– 3 areas for trees prepared (an area with 56 felling trees)
– 2 areas for placeable objects prepared (sawmill placed before)

Authors: TMT (Hatzfan, marhu, -Kolbenfresser-)


Sudharz v 1.0

Sudharz-v-1.0-1 Sudharz-v-1.0-2 Sudharz-v-1.0-3

– 4x Map
– Standart fruit + oats & sunflower (own texture)
– 5 villages
– 60 fields
– Greatly improved roads! (Compared LS11)
– Gewege
– New guidelines
– Realistic grain prices at level means
– Cows (Herrmannsacker) milk is collected
– Chicken (Buchholz) sale of wool at the restaurant in beech wood on the outskirts direction Stempeda
– Sheep (Petersdorf) sale of wool on the grounds of the country trade Petersdorf
– Several farms in different villages
– Vehicles / equipment is supplied directly to the farm
– Land Commercial Petersdorf only (in the west) collection point for potatoes / turnips
– Land Commercial Stempeda (in the east)
– Old Mill (north)
– Fertilizer and seed depot also in the fenced yard (above)
– The country trade Petersdorf is also the possibility grains from the camp can be seen
– BGA / Silo / dunghill / manure basins on a site next to the cow pasture
– Sprinkle straw in the barn on the BGA land (on the side signposted entrance)
– Horizontal silo with silage function
– Straw / Grass / maize chaff / bales in sellable BGA
– Goals / doors openable and close
– Flying airplanes, floating ducks
– Solar panels on hall roof brings money
– No more withered fields
– No more buyable fields
– Sounds
– Flowing river
– Water at the creek / water tank / pump removed
– New PDA map with symbols

Authors: -Kolbenfresser-, Manu ya, Bernascht, B34STx, mailman, Luculus, KundS Modding, wellano920, Timber131, Baue3rR, Mourice, simmi1, Ganelcer, Icebear_Lars, modelleicher, GurKenDingo, T0mek0092, adam5525, FrankWienberg[GER], Ferguson Freund, Diops33, Raptor Bash, Macoholic, LU-MUK/Moddingteam, Mike (TTM), Domi___, spider100, ziolek6, LSM-MODDING Team, Jonny 1996, manuuuu, M-S_Buschi, freak36558, Flydoc