Brunzdorf v 2.0

Brunzdorf-v-2.0-1 Brunzdorf-v-2.0-2 Brunzdorf-v-2.0-3

– Reduced start fleet
– 4 Start fields
– Standard grain silos
– Cereals swamp on the farm, at the mill and at the country store new
– Hay and grass in the feed storage
– Tipping bucket in cattle and pig
– Corn texture for Green chaff Mod installed
– Clover and alfalfa with swath installed
– Multi Fruit Util 1.2
– Slurry manure and kalk Mod
– New mixing station of Marhu with movable tube can also be used for direct feeding
– Section 24 of enlarged
– Conifer Set v 1.7
– New roads
– Layers v 1.0
– Foliage Layers
– Kalk silo (Giants)
– New terrain textures
– Inserted forest floor texture
– Created 3 forest areas
– Converts sounds for Patch 2.1

Authors: Giants, Hank Moody


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