Brunz Village v 1.1

Brunz-Village-v-1.1-3 Brunz-Village-v-1.1-2 Brunz-Village-v-1.1-1

– Pig fattening
– Cattle fattening
– Watermod
– Mixing Station
– PDA Fix
– Slurry and manure Mod v
– Map Hose Ref Station
– Manure pit
– Houses Pack
– Courtyard and halls Pack
– Food storage
– Ground Textures
– Tree textures
– Fruit textures Forgotten Plants
– Chicken Coop
– Scales for maps
– Sheepfold
– Round Ball Hall
– Sky Texture
– Distant Hills mountains for installing
– All fields ready for harvest, but not owned
– Starting fleet
– Some animals already owned
– A maximum of 10 animals visible
– Swaths higher
– Fruits higher
– Slurry and manure texture
– New PDA
– Field splitting
– Terrain
– More trees
– Milk Truck Route
– BGA offset
– Cows at the farm
– Chickens at the farm
– Sheep and Wool sale at the spinning
– Cattle fattening the Court
– Pig at the farm
– Growth times original to rot

Authors: Giants, HankMoody


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