Birchwood v 1.1

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This is a small map with 27 fields and some grassed areas for cutting grass, for hay or silage or to feed your animals with.
It’s down to you to manage this small yet demanding little farm. You will have the standard crops and also two additional crops of Oat and Rye.
There are four points of sale for your crops at the Mill, Brewery, Garden Center and the Lidl Supermarket.
There is also profit to be made with your animals ranging from Chickens, Sheep, Cows and Pigs.
Milk needs to be manually run to the Dairy, Wool is sold at the Supermarket, Pigs at the Butchers and eggs at the village Post Office.
Birchwood also includes a BGA for the local towns needs, a bale sale at the Birchwood Farm and the map includes the Manure Mod and both Manure and Slurry can also be sold at the Garden Center if you have the correct equipment

Author: OEB Modding


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    it is good idea

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