Bantikow Map v 2.0

Bantikow-Map-v-2.0-1 Bantikow-Map-v-2.0-2 Bantikow-Map-v-2.0-3

– Slurry, manure and lime mod
– Watermod
– Pig
– Fertilizer, Kalklager
– Map Door Trigger
– Scale
– Kaufbares seed, fertilizer and lime
– New silo at the biogas plant
– New point of sale potato trade
– New dairy plant
– Rotting and field purchase from
– Butcher in the village

Authors: Tommi-1, Moppel, Rainer, Dirk, Marko


One Response to Bantikow Map v 2.0

  1. tyrannix2342 says:

    Required modifications to the proper functioning of the map:
    -Gülle, Mist, Kalk Mod by marhu

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