Along The River v 2.0

Along-The-River-v-2.0-3 Along-The-River-v-2.0-2 Along-The-River-v-2.0-1

New in v 2.0 version:
– Complete yard rebuilt, all species are now at the farm
– Kalk Mod was instaled
– Silage mountain was installed behind the farm
– Disdance Hills background mountains
– Ball conveyor belt at the court and pony horse farm built
– Pig version 1.03 was installed. Pig must now only be purchased
– Map Silo Band was re-installed version 2.5.2
– Pony / horse farm was built where once was the Schaaf pasture
– New CHP on the BGA / with torch and smoke
– BGA scale was changed to default with display function without statistics
– Error of the level crossing / traffic lights fixed
– More trees
– All Clipdisdancen the trees increased
– Now also bushes at the road edges
– Grass and hay swath are now a little higher
– Almost all textures renewed
– PDA Renew / Updated

Authors: @Funky, @Beschreibung


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