Ache N Back Farm

Ache-N-Back-Farm-1 Ache-N-Back-Farm-2 Ache-N-Back-Farm-3

This map is a English map, with tight roads and gateway

– Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize Sell point
– 1 Farm shop
– 18 fields.
– Tight Twisting Roads (main and single)
– Starting Vehicles
– Two farms (Arable and cow farm)
– Manure Mod
– Eggs sold at Landlords house, along with bale trigger, grains can be sold at the pub
– Three Silage Pits, Sheep, Chickens and Cows
– Bale storage, grain silos

Authors: Giants, FarmerYip, Daviec, tommx55, bassaddict, NI Modding (alwyn, henly20, rh), Fatian, Katsuo, sandgroper, mailman, Marhu, piston seizure, Hatzfan, willjsavage, Striker564, Farmari99, MikeLSGC, Eribus


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