Square Bales Technic Pack v 2.0

Square-Bales-Technic-Pack-v-2.0-1 Square-Bales-Technic-Pack-v-2.0-2

In Pack included:
– Krone Big Pack 1290: filling capacity – 2000 l
– Arcusin Autostack FS 63-72: bale loading capacity – 18 square bales
– Arcusin Autostack FS 53-62: bale loading capacity – 12 square bales

– Fruit varieties: wheat, barley, fresh grass, dried grass
– Added new texture for grass hay and straw bales
– Capacity to change – more bales per field
– Multiplayer capability
– Standard bales, no problems with BGA, Mixer feeders (grass bales are then hay)
– Lighting V 3.1
– Created bale counter
– Tire dust on the field and the field due to
– New tires
– Chocks
– Independent suspension to all wheels for uneven ground independently of the other tires

Authors: GIANTS Software GmbH, agrotron 155, Ifko, TheFendtVDriver, meyer123, modelleicher, Markkus, MrFox


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